What we do

Let us transform your home

Worth’s London offers you a wide range of stylish, high-quality, custom designed furniture.

Our portfolio includes

AV Units

We consider our AV units to be the best of our work.
Never designing two alike. Each design follows the same ethos of creating an all-encompassing piece of furniture that combines practicality with beauty and originality.

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Storage Solutions

Through clever and inventive ways, we make the most of the space available in your home. In order to provide, precious, beautifully designed storage.

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Home Libraries

Using imaginative design ideas, we are able produce grand bookcases for your home library and collectables. Displaying your books, vinyl and a gallery of family photos and art like never before.

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Let our wardrobes empower your room by offering a way to both create a sense of calm whilst providing maximum storage for your clothing.

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Home office

Our alcove cabinets create storage from unused spaces, seamlessly blending with your home as though they have always been there.

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